It’s way more than just an island.

Fiona Kriegeris

How Fiona ended up on Milos and why she loves being around the island so much is what this blogpost is all about. Make sure to read through it and get to know the island, even if you are somewhere else on this world.

Milos means seamless connection

When people talk about Milos, they mean an island where there’s a seamless connection between quiet and stunning wildly romantic barren, breathtaking nature and the beach life and colourful hustle and bustle amidst countless pretty Instagram spots, the delightful moving between the tables and chairs of the small restaurants in admiration of the Greek play of colours.

I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop and my heart is pounding because of its mornings rhythm. The dark, strong voices of the Greeks around me, who all start their mornings with iced coffee, wipe me out. Still in the shade, listening to the sounds of morning’s activities I look across the small main street at these cute little boats and get never tired of admiring the colour of the water. Wow. I am about to caper one of them and disappear forever. How I would love to share this spot with you.


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